Elevate Rapid City's monthly economic indicators allow for a glimpse at the intricate threads of the economy in Rapid City, South Dakota. In a world driven by data, these monthly Economic Indicators reports offer local business leaders and prospective businesses an in-depth look into the dynamics shaping Rapid City’s economic landscape. From population trends to real estate fluctuations, we provide the strategic intelligence necessary for informed decision-making.

Why Rapid City’s Economic Indicators Matter:

Rapid City’s allure lies in its economic vibrancy; it's a thriving business ecosystem. For local business leaders aiming to expand and site selectors evaluating new opportunities focusing on key metrics is paramount. Our meticulously researched reports go beyond numbers; they tell the story of growth potential, investment possibilities, and the unparalleled spirit of entrepreneurship that defines Rapid City.

Key Focus Areas

  • Population Insights: Gain deep insights into the demographic composition, offering a comprehensive understanding of Rapid City’s diverse workforce.

  • Average Weekly Wages and Labor Force Participation Rate: Delve into the earning potential of the local workforce and the rate at which people are engaged in the labor market, vital metrics for businesses evaluating labor market competitiveness.

  • Employment Landscape: Understand the Employment-Unemployment dynamics, focusing on specific primary sectors, providing valuable insights for businesses planning their workforce strategies.

  • Economic Vital Signs: Explore critical economic indicators, including Gross Sales, Airport Passengers, Consumer Price Index, and Prime Rate, offering a holistic view of Rapid City’s economic health and stability.

  • Real Estate Market: Navigate the dynamic real estate landscape with data on Active Listings and Median Listing Price, essential for investors and developers considering property investments.

  • Housing Market Trends: Stay ahead with information on New Housing Permits and Building Permits, key metrics signaling the city's growth and housing development initiatives.


At Elevate Rapid City, we believe that informed decisions are the bedrock of successful ventures. Our Economic Indicators reports empower local leaders and site selectors with actionable data, fostering a climate where businesses thrive, investments flourish, and communities prosper. Need a market research report specific for your business or industry? Reach out to our Market Research Center.


Updated: January 11, 2024

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